Learn how OneNet can help you save money on your full network through a TEMS analysis

What is TEMS Analysis?


TEMS stands for Telecom and Technology Expense Management Service.

Essentially, it means managing your wireless, voice, and data environment with the goal of reducing risk and cost. To run your business today, you need tools and you need technology. This means telephones, smart phones, tablets and laptops with cellular data plans, the list of IT expenses goes on and on.

All of that leads to complexity, and complexity leads to errors.

  • Forrester Research estimates that “billing errors average 5% to 12% of telecom services budgets”
  • It is estimated that over 15% of invoices have some type of error. This means that if you get 7 or more bills, at least one probably has an error.
  • Many times there are lines or circuits that are being billed, but no one knows what they do.

No Risk, No Cost Service


We do it differently.

Ours is a no risk, no cost service to you. Then how do we get paid you might ask? A very high percentage of our clients like the report we provide so much (and they keep all of the found savings) that they order their future services from us.

Here is what our Analysts will do:

  • Collate all of your telecom bills into one, clear document.
  • Audit those bills for errors and mismatches with your contract
  • Find services you no longer need/use and can cancel.
  • Know where the market is at and recommend better pricing options.
  • Show you an easier way to manage all of your bills