Multi-location. Multi-carrier. Multi-service. Multi-state. Multi-country. If communicating effectively between multiple locations is critical to your business, then we’re the perfect “multi” partner for you.


One help desk. One phone number. One bill. One Managed Telecom partner. One team you can count on. OneNet Global.


Whether your company has a single location or multiple locations, across the country to across the globe, you need only one telecommunications solution.

OneNet Global has the ability to integrate many offices and the scalability to add offices as your company grows and adds locations. Allow us to manage the variety of services and carriers you will need to create a seamless telecommunications system.


From location to location providers may have a different offering of services. They may even have proprietary versions of standard technologies. Someone has to cut through the complexity and put together a system that delivers the same services to all. OneNet Global has the multi-location telecom experience to develop and implement even the most complex system.


Locations, even in the same metropolitan area, may be served by different communications providers. Each location may have a different set of companies providing needed services.

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