OneNet Global offers rapid support for your telecom and IT needs before, during, or after a merger or acquisition. This can be one of the toughest processes for any business to endure, especially as your IT team will likely already be so busy with other objectives. OneNet can step in and help make the IT and telecom side go as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Some of OneNet’s strengths during this process are:
  • Rapid on-boarding of newly acquired businesses
  • Creation and utilization of a customized template for deploying a common business technology platform
  • OneNet as a single source to handle all aspects of on-boarding, from start to finish, and support and monitoring after the fact
  • Faster onboarding creates faster revenue generation by new businesses- greater profitability as a result
  • Taking technology deployment off the PE Firm’s plate so they can focus on growing their business
  • OneNet understands the M&A industry and the value of rapid deployment of technology to new businesses

OneNet will help select the best strategy to fully on-board you as quickly as possible. Here is how we would assess the situation to determine said strategy:

Strategies: Maintaining Separate IT Environments Adopting the IT Environment of One Party Using Best Practices from Both Parties to Form a New IT Environment
Choose this strategy if:
  • The buyer operates like a holding company
  • The buyer plans to sell the acquired company in a short period of time
  • Buyer is large and centrally managed
  • The buyer plans to fully incorporate the acquired company for the long term
  • Customer reporting requirements or contractual obligations make one party’s environment more attractive and cos-effective than the other’s.
  • The deal is a “merger of two equals”
  • The acquired business adds new products or services that demand specific IT requirements
Considerations: There are usually going to be some aspects that must be integrated such as:

  • Communication platforms (email, phone, inranet)
  • Data sources for consolidated financial reporting
  • Critical day 1 functionality
  • “Technology Debt” or organization to be integrated
  • Application adoption requires implementation of common data standards to enable extensive data migration requirements
  • Decommissioning of unused applications, systems and networks
  • Comparative best class assessment and selection of critical business application platforms
  • Future stat infrastructure planning
  • Significant consensus building and “people” integration
  • Decommissioning unused applications, systems, and networks
  • Outsourcing managed services arrangements of either party