Managed Desktop

Managed services for your on-site desktops and laptops that run your applications locally.

What’s provided:

Provided Timing Included
Document software and hardware changes As performed         •
Service Desk / Help Desk As Needed         •
Clear print queues As Needed         •
Remote Reboots As Needed         •
Scheduled off time maintenance As Needed         •
Install covered software updates As Needed         •
Anti-virus and Anti-malware software and scanning As Needed         •
Risk Intelligent software and scanning As Needed         •
Cisco Umbrella-OpenDNS Cloud Security As Needed         •
Create, Maintain and Utilize New User Setup Template As Needed         •
Create new user accounts, disable/delete old user accounts, create directories, shares and security groups, manage account policies As Needed         •
Permissions and file system management As Needed         •
Set up and change security for users and applications As Needed         •
Ensure Microsoft Office Applications are functioning properly As Needed         •
Onsite End User Support As Needed         •
Application Support and application vendor management As Needed         •
Basic Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs) As Needed         •
Printing Issues As Needed         •
Apple IOS, Android, Blackberry, Palm, Active Sync Issues As Needed         •
Confirm that antivirus definition updates have occurred Daily/hourly         •
Maintain and monitor security patch levels Daily/hourly         •
Monitor hard drive free space Daily/hourly         •
Asset Inventory Reporting Monthly         •
Electronic Monthly Management Reports Monthly         •
Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) Quarterly         •
Performance Monitoring / Capacity Planning Ongoing         •
Disk space management Ongoing         •
Rebuild PC Due to End User Error Additional Charge
Project work Additional Charge

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