Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Backup and recover it all. Be at peace knowing your data and network will always be available.

Protect ANY operating system on ANY device:

Supported Devices


Physical & Virtual


Desktop & Laptops

Mobile Deivces

Smartphones & Tablets
From physical servers to virtual machines – OneNet Global provides a
single solution for protecting ALL of your data – no matter where it resides.

Our Cloud – Your Cloud – Any Cloud

OneNet Global has flexible hosting options available – also including the OneNet Global Data Vault Appliance. Our cloud connected appliances are available as physical or virtual appliances, providing incredible de-duplication technology and allowing for on premise data protection with exceptionally fast recovery time.

Data Retention for Regulatory Compliance

Complying with government regulations has always been a challenge. Maintaining the data required for compliance doesn’t have to be.

If you must comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, PCI DSS, FERC/NERC, FISMA, SEC 17a-4, IRS 1075, FERPA state laws or other regulations, OneNet Global Data Vault provides a full set of policy controls so that you can define what data is backed up, retention schedules, and how it’s encrypted to protect against unauthorized access. OneNet Global Data Vault provides detailed reports that allow you to demonstrate your compliance to regulators. All OneNet Global Data centers are SOC2 audited.

Recover – Retain – Archive

In addition to short-term data backup protection and management, organizations must have long-term cloud archiving strategies in place. OneNet Global’s data archiving solution is built into our data protection platform. OneNet Global believes not all data is equal nor should it have the same cost to store it. Demote or Promote data through retention policies to maintain company compliance with our three-distinct types of retention:

  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
  • high-availability (cloud and on premise)
  • Cold Storage with Data Vault ICE.

OneNet Global allows you to select a point in time from which to recover data, based on when the backup was performed. All data will be instantly recoverable from that specific calendar date.

Meet or Exceed Enterprise RTOs and RPOs

OneNet Global leverages server virtualization, modern storage applications, and cloud-based services to provide Availability for the Modern Data Center™ and deliver RPOs and RTOs (RPTO™) of <15 minutes for ALL applications.

OneNet Global provides fast, flexible, and reliable recovery of virtualized applications and data, unifying backup and replication in a single solution for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments. Not only can you back up your VMs, but you can also perform image-based replication either on-site for high availability or offsite for disaster recovery (DR).

With OneNet Global’s near-continuous data protection (near-CDP), if a VM goes down, you can immediately fail over to a standby VM. OneNet Global’s DataVault provides its clients the ability to stand up their servers both at the client and at OneNet Global’s tier 4 cloud environment providing an RTO and RPO meeting or exceeding the client’s requirements. All this while meeting the security and compliance requirements needing to be met.

How Can OneNet Global Help You?

BCDR Consultation by OneNet Global

Business continuity & disaster recovery plans will vary greatly depending on an organizations industry, size, or even physical location. Some organizations have plans that are hundreds of pages long, while others might only contain a handful of pages. However, all BCDR plans should contain the information necessary for your organization to quickly move past a disaster and resume normal operations.

Already have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

If your organization already has a disaster recovery plan, but you’re not sure if it is still up to date enough for your business to recover quickly, let OneNet Global help. Our 4-Step BCDR Assessment will…

  1. Identify gaps in your current recovery plan
  2. Prioritize correcting gaps based on severity
  3. Review & suggest actions to improve your business continuity
  4. Help mitigate potential impact on your organization

In today’s world, organizations should expect the unexpected and prepare for it. A successful plan will minimize business impacts and quickly get you and your employees back to work.

Contact OneNet Global today so we can test and review your Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan.

Don’t have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

In our experience, upwards of 70% of small businesses have no business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place. Recovering from a disaster is not only expensive but can be very time consuming. A large percentage of companies that do not have a plan in place will go out of business within a year after a major data disaster.

Don’t know where to start? Not to worry, OneNet Global is here to help.

If you do not have a Disaster Recovery plan, OneNet Global will review your infrastructure and meet with you to build out the optimal plan for your organization. The process of building a plan will usually include the following actions:

  1. Identify risk to your organization
  2. Assess your infrastructure
  3. Analyze potential business impacts
  4. Help you design your plan
  5. Assist in implementing the plan
  6. Test your plan to ensure it is working

Contact OneNet Global today to get a Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan.

Remote Monitoring & Mass Deployment

Monitor Access and report on backups in real time through the Dashboard. Download backed up data such as name of device backed up, number of files backed up, success of failure of backups, date and location of last successful backup.

Mass deploy – Using Data Vault’s MSI, the IT department or OneNet Global can write an MST that will enable mass stealth deployment (no end user involvement) across an organization. This deployment can be monitored and managed by OneNet Global’s Dashboard. EXE files are available from the Dashboard at any time, anywhere.

Implementation, Training, and Support

OneNet Global has a fully-dedicated pre and post-sales team. We create customized Data Protection Solutions from our Best-in-Breed products centered around YOUR architecture and upload/recovery time (RTO/RPO) initiatives. We aren’t a single-vendor, we’re a single-solution. The cornerstone of every corporate software deployment is proper training and continued support. The OneNet Global team of professionals are at the ready for onsite, offsite and continued training. All supported from our 100% US based team.

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