Microsoft Teams

OneNet combines the world’s most stable Cisco Broadsoft PBX platform with Microsoft Teams to deliver PSTN dial tone and advanced PBX features, contact center functionalities, project management and 24x7x365 U.S. based support.

By leveraging two world-class platforms with analyst-acclaimed intellectual property enables us to deploy flexible, purpose-built business collaboration experiences that are designed to meet the unique needs of your business’ environment and dramatically improve your associates’ productivity.

Why choose OneNet Teams Enterprise Voice?

OneNet delivers a native platform level Teams integration that is reliable and provides an optimal end-user experience vs. a third-party software that is cumbersome and less intuitive. As a result, our solution allows users to maintain Microsoft functionality in the Teams application, including mobile.

Additionally, OneNet Teams supports Shared Call Appearance (SCA) for SIP phones allowing users to migrate to Teams & enable business continuity using existing SIP handsets.

OneNet allows you to leverage Microsoft Teams for information workers and to support unique PBX needs of the business with our voice platform. Consequently, partnering with Microsoft and OneNet allows businesses to make long-term decisions and ensure flexibility to meet their evolving business needs.

Get Enterprise PBX Features along with Microsoft Teams including:

  • Receptionist applications
  • Multi-level auto attendants, advanced hunt groups, analog ports
  • Call recording per user with portal for QA
  • IVR, Callbacks, Surveys
  • Wallboards and Dashboards
  • CRM Integrations
  • Service Management & Business Continuity via OSSmosis
  • Supports SIP handsets: Existing CAPEX investment + Availability + Traditional deskphone features
  • Teams-enabled deskphones by Yealink
  • Number porting & Global presence
  • Voice conferencing room systems by Yealink and Logitech

Key Differentiators:

  • Leading global Microsoft Gold Partner & CSP
  • Built on Cisco, the #1 VoIP Platform
  • Proprietary IP that enables us to continuously add unique applications and features no other provider has
  • Native, integrated voice and advanced features enterprise businesses require
  • Contact Center Functionalities
  • Supports SIP Phones with direct routing
  • Maintain Teams end-user experience, desktop & mobile
  • 99.999% availability and business continuity
  • Dedicated Project Management Teams with Microsoft and enterprise voice expertise
  • Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 delivery, implementation and advanced support
  • Ability to support teams & non-Teams users

OneNet Cisco/Teams Voice Seat Types

Voice-enable your Microsoft Teams solution with OneNet’s Enterprise Voice seat types and get access to advanced enterprise PBX features, contact center functionalities and administration portal that will help you take collaboration and productivity to a new level, while maintaining your Teams user experience and business continuity.

Features Basic Standard Premium Feature Description
Teams Phones Supported We recommend for optional user
experience that Teams phones are
deployed with Teams Voice. They run
an Android O/S with the native Teams
application. Therefore, the phone’s support calendar
sync, call history, speed dials, access to
voicemail, and easy call handling.
CLID Delivery Blocking Allows users to block their number from
being shown when calling out to the PSTN.
Members internal to your organization
can still see your number when they are
Flash Call Hold Allows the user to switch between calls
and automatically put the previous caller
on hold.
Privacy User Privacy allows you to exclude
yourself from Group and Enterprise
Directory listings, Auto Attendant
extension and/or name dialing for
external callers.
Intercept User Provides customer administrators the
ability to shutoff incoming and outgoing
calls to the PSTN for a user.
SIP Phone Supported Businesses looking to save on CAPEX due
to ownership of SIP handsets may use
them with Standard and Premium seat
types. They offer native business
continuity if Teams is having an
issue. They allow for paging through the
phones, traditional call handling on the
phone, and some other traditional phone
features like speed dial keys. There are a
few drawbacks that we don’t support a
few features: native voicemail button,
busy lamp field (presence), and shared
lines like with the executive to assistant
Anonymous Call Rejection Anonymous Call Rejection allows you to
reject calls from callers who have blocked
the display of their number from the
PSTN. Only deliberate anonymous
numbers are rejected. Callers whose
numbers are unavailable are not rejected.
Custom Hold Music Provide custom hold music for external
calling with the PSTN. Clients can update
and manage their custom hold music via
the online OSSmosis web portal.
Authentication of 3rd Party Applications The ability for users to register 3rd party
applications to the ONG voice platform for
computer telephony integrations, such as
custom built CRM applications,
wallboards, real-time notifications.
Application Client Call Control Provides the ability for 3rd party
applications to manage call control for
PSTN calling using our platform API for
events, such as Answer, End Call, Hold,
Unhold, Mute, Unmute, and more. This
enables software vendors and clients to
write custom applications for the
OneNet Global voice platform.
Alternate Numbers Allows up to ten additional phone
numbers in addition to your primary
number for incoming calls from the PSTN
to reach the same user, auto-attendant,
or call center.
Account/Authorization Codes Enables the tracking of calls made to out
to the PSTN by prompting users for an
account code. Verifiable and nonverifiable
codes can be utilized.
Call Forwarding Selective: User Provides users the ability to forward PSTN
specific calls matching your pre-defined
criteria to a different phone number,
usually based on priority incoming phone
Call Notify Provides you the ability to send a
notification e-mail containing the caller’s
name and number, if available, when the
call matches your pre-defined criteria for
incoming calls from the PSTN. Use this to
determine if you missed any important
Selective Call Acceptance Enables a user to define criteria that
causes certain incoming calls from the
PSTN to be allowed. Therefore, if an incoming call
meets user-specified criteria, the call is
allowed to complete to the user. All other
calls are blocked and the caller is informed
that the user does not wish to receive the
Selective Call Rejection Enables a user to define criteria that cause
certain incoming calls from the PSTN to be
blocked. So, if an incoming call meets userspecified
criteria, the call is blocked and
the caller is informed that the user is not
accepting calls. A criteria set is based on
incoming calling line identity, time of day,
and day of week.
Call Recording Standard Record all calls to and from the PSTN for a
user from start to finish. 30 – Day
Retention policy included with web-portal
access to recording files. Internal calling is
not recorded.
Pre-alerting Announcement Allows you to specify an announcement to
be played to your external callers, before
the call is actually connected, for specific
calls matching your pre-defined criteria.
The criteria can be all calls, specified
called number(s), a time schedule, and a
holiday schedule.

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