OneNet Global offers its clients a variety of professional services including IT project management. Our project managers will integrate into the client’s process to efficiently manage both resources and process. Our experience in executing large, complex projects for our clients is reflected in our process and deliverables, the framework of which is listed below.

Project Plan and SOW This project overview gives the IT team a direction and main points to cover in the process. It also provides a brief overview of the particulars of the building itself to provide the person unfamiliar with the facility an idea of the work to be completed. The Project Plan facilitates the coordination between the facilities team and the IT Team and it gives the management team a barometer to utilize in their planning as well.

Project Management SOW Estimate This list of major milestone tasks gives the PM and our client a roadmap of the work to be completed, the timeline for the project and the estimated number of hours to accomplish those tasks. This document serves as the agreement between our two organizations for the work to be completed by OneNet Global.

Infrastructure Matrix A matrix of equipment, services, and numbers of people showing the new and old location’s facilities and associated cost estimate towards implementing the move. This document is an excellent tool for move budget requests and approvals.

MS Project Timeline This clearly delineates the milestone timeline for the PM and the team to follow to ensure a successful and timely implementation of service. We will identify pacing items and communicate to the team the critical nature of these pacing items. It will also give us a measurement tool for the team to identify delays and a potential impact on a move.

IT Budget Estimate (PEP estimate) This Excel workbook collates the major costing items to be used for the PEP request and approval. It also gives a benchmark to measure vendors against for the successful financial implementation of the project.

Contact Sheet This important document is our tool to use to identify each of the key players on the IT team and how to contact them as the project unfolds. The IT Project Manager will build his/her team and the contact sheet after inquiries with each Departmental Manager covered in the Scope of Work.

People and Extension List (PEL)This widely used document provides a wealth of information for a move; it lists the following for each person and device identified in a move:

  • Current status pertaining to the move (new move date, new name, change from last PEL)
  • Person’s name
  • Person’s manager
  • Person’s move date
  • Person’s mail stop
  • Person’s current and future location and identifying ID
  • Person’s current and future DID number
  • Cabling Drop ID’s
  • PEN number or PBX station identifier
  • Person’s Phone model/type (display, speaker, headset, etc.), and style (desk, wall, etc.)
  • Person’s Class of Service (COS)
  • Notes

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