OneNet Global starts with a thorough analysis of your business’s telecom needs. If it makes sense for your business to use analog lines we can set you up with a system that fits your usage patterns. We work with many top providers so we can find the system that fits your business exactly.



• Internet and Voice to fit your business needs
• OneNet Global can be your voice carrier for all of your global location


• Industry First Disaster Recovery – Easily re-route inbound and outbound calls to an alternate location


• Link multiple offices = Saving LD costs + Efficient Call Management
• IP communications allow for up to 48 calls paths per T1 = decreased infrastructure cost

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The OneNet Global Network Coverage includes 99.9% of the United States, and over 50 countries globally.

Best in Class
Disaster Recovery

SD-WAN, Failsafe, Multi-Home, and SIP-ReDirect supported disaster recovery


Core Network
Service Level
of 99.999%


IP Link Ethernet,
MPLS or T1. Standards
based SIP Compliant


Consolidate current legacy PSTN/Carrier Voice (DSS, PRI, Analog) trunking for lower costs

Voice Network & Options


Multi-carrier. Multi-service. Multi-location. Multi-state. Multi-country. If communicating effectively between multiple locations is critical to your business, then we’re the perfect “multi” partner for you.


One help desk. One phone number. One bill. One Managed Telecom partner. One team you can count on. OneNet Global.

“This was the best installation we’ve ever had.”

We’re proud to say that a client shared this with us recently. So many things need to happen for a successful install, with literally hundreds of moving parts to pay attention to and control. We strategize, we plan, and we prepare… And then the install is where the rubber meets the road. And so when it all goes smoothly, and a client tells us it’s the best they’ve ever experienced, we smile a little bit and then keep working hard.


That’s not something you typically hear from a technology company. When it comes to Managed Telecom, custom crafted solutions are hard to come by. They take more time to develop, and they take a lot more work to create. But ask yourself this: Are your needs the same as everyone else’s? Will a cookie cutter approach work for you? Probably not.

We understand that no two customers are alike, and our custom crafted approach to Managed Telecom reflects that. We work hard to understand your needs today and plan for tomorrow, to develop a strategy that addresses your present and your future. Each solution is different based on your individual needs, and from install to support, we’re by your side.

We are Bombdiggity.

Better than excellent. All the bomb.
Totally the awesome-ist, no lie.
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