Managed Security

Security is fast becoming a critical part of every sales conversation, and OneNet Global has a broad portfolio of Managed Security Services to help customers support their security and compliance needs.

A streamlined, easier-to manage
network security environment

that is more cost effective and provides greater visibility across your enterprise.

Holistic set of solutions
with cohesive network and security
support from a single provider,
helping you achieve all of your
security goals.

High performance customer
management reporting portal
with 24/7 monitoring of your
network traffic and wide-ranging
reporting capabilities

Secure Your Business Your Way

Our complete set of security offerings can be categorized into four areas: security advisory and assessment services, security program design and development, Managed Security device management and monitoring solutions, and ongoing incident response support services.

Managed Security Services are designed to help you protect your devices, network, applications, and data/information from both internal and external threats, and keep them compliant with their industry regulations. Security Services can be purchased and deployed at a your premises or data center, at our data centers, within our virtual hosting platform, and over the Internet “in the cloud.” Top Managed Security offerings (in order of popularity) include:

• Managed Firewalls
• DDoS Mitigation
• Network Based Security (bundled solution of network firewall w/ VPN, IDS, anti-malware, and web filter solution in one)
• Managed IDS/IPS
• Web Application Firewalls
• Web & Email Security
• Integrity Monitoring
• Log Management

Managed Security Services are perfect partners to include with both network (MPLS) and data circuits, managed servers, and colocation opportunities because these circuits and devices need protection. Deploying a Managed Security Solution will help you ensure your records, databases, emails, websites, and communications remain safe from spam, hackers, and other malicious threats AND remain compliant with any regulatory acts such as PCI (retail), HIPAA (healthcare), FISMA (governments), and more.

Customer Needs & Compelling Events

  • We are overwhelmed with the number of security breaches on the rise, and we are concerned we aren’t protecting ourselves at all the places we need to.
  • Employees are insisting on using more mobile and BYOD devices and it’s creating more possible entry points for malicious actors we need to address.
  • We don’t have budget to hire full-time security pros to manage our security posture or even manage our firewalls and IDS and review logs.
  • We need to keep up with constantly changing compliance needs for our industry and this takes time and energy we don’t have.
  • As we move to adopt more cloud solutions, we are finding more things we need to secure (web gateways, identity access management, email).

Why Managed Security?

Security breaches are on the rise, and no company is too large or too small to get hit. We’ve all seen it on the news— Sony Pictures hacked for 77 million email accounts; Target’s “biggest hack in retail history” cost them $148 M in 6 months and forced top executives to resign plus 90+ lawsuits and significant loss of brand confidence.

For many companies, losses can amount to over $1M a day just from a DDoS attack alone. Just what is at stake inside your business? Customer or patient information? Proprietary business data? Intellectual property? Or maybe bank account and credit card data or payroll records. No matter the data, you could be at risk. Let’s talk about what you need to protect, and how we may be able to help you bridge that gap and ensure your company’s viability.

Is my data really at risk?
No company is too large or too small to get hit by an attack. Your choices are to wait and deal with the mitigation when you get hit, or try to protect it at the front end. And with the average US breach cost approaching $7M (Frost & Sullivan), can you really afford to not protect ahead of time?

Want to manage in-house
For most companies, it is time and cost-inefficient to manage security services because of the specialization of skills required to do it right. Most companies don’t have the resources and cycles to do it well. That is why hiring OneNet Global makes sense— we can do as little or much of the management as you need, and can help you take it from ideation and planning to implementation and response management. And with 83% of the enterprises having difficulty finding the security skills they need, why would you be different (Frost & Sullivan)?

Why OneNet Global?

OneNet Global is your ally to help keep you secure.
  • Holistic solutions: delivering protection through both hosted and network based security measures, along with specific consulting disciplines.
  • As much or as little management as you need: our comprehensive services include both risk/security plan assessment and program design, as well as a full set of device implementation and ongoing management solutions. You choose from co-managed to fully managed, and even custom solutions based on your individual compliance and business needs, and get everything delivered by a single provider.

By leveraging our network, cloud, and security expertise, we develop a solution that addresses your unique security concerns, while keeping your operations running at desired performance levels and giving you more time and resources to focus on your high-priority IT initiatives.

  • Eliminate inefficiencies: reduce resources dedicated to maintenance of existing systems, and implement more efficient cost models (operating expense instead of capital expense).
  • Help ensure you’re secure: add the layers of security you need to help defend yourself against escalating malware attacks.
  • Concentrate on your core business: let us put you in control of your business by taking on ancillary tasks and enabling you to focus on what you do best.

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