Find threats. Learn. Strengthen your security.

Have you been breached? It’s a simple question. Can you answer it with confidence? Even with security tools and experienced staff in place, it’s still difficult to detect threats. Without comprehensive and continuous visibility across all of the platforms and devices in your environment, you can’t be sure that you aren’t already breached. But visibility isn’t enough. You also need context in order to make sense of the mountain of security data you have and ensure you take action on the events that matter most.

Tenable SecurityCenter Continuous View™ (SecurityCenter CV™) enables you to quickly take the right steps to proactively address compromises before they become breaches.

SecurityCenter CV collects state and activity data from across your environment and automatically creates a baseline of what is normal. It correlates indicators, detected anomalies, and other security events to chain potentially suspicious activities together from across your environment, uncovering complex, advanced threat conditions from commonly collected events and data.

SecurityCenter CV also continuously collects indicators of compromise (IOCs) from leading commercial threat intelligence vendors that enable you to identify emerging threats in near real-time without any additional licensing costs.

Check out the white paper below for more info.