Continuously monitoring the state of networks, as well as the activities of users and hosts is essential for making informed security decisions. Tenable’s SecurityCenter Continuous View delivers pervasive visibility across your environments, along with the critical context you need to take decisive action to continuously improve your security program. As a result, you can continuously adapt your security program to better protect and enable your business.

Continuous Monitoring with SecurityCenter Continuous View™

  • Active Scanning – Periodically examine assets to determine their level of risk to the organization
  • Intelligent Connectors – Leveraging your other security investments, integrate additional security data to improve context and analysis
  • Agent Scanning – Instantly audit assets without the need for credentials
  • Continuous Listening – Monitoring network traffic in real time provides information on which assets are connected to the network and how they are communicating
  • Host Data – Actively monitor host activities and events, including who is accessing them and what is changing

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