If your company is still using traditional telephone services (sometimes called plain old telephone services or POTS for short) for office communications, it might be time to think about moving to a cloud-based phone system.  A cloud phone system is the easy-to-use business telephone solution that you can access with your existing office phone and any Internet-connected desktop or mobile devices.

Signs it may be time to move your phone system to the cloud:

1. Your IT costs are out of control.

A growing business has growing communication needs. With traditional phone systems you need to purchase additional infrastructure when your needs change or your equipment breaks down. This maintenance means that you need to either keep trained IT on staff or retain a contractor anytime you need to make a change. If you’re finding your company stuck in inefficient IT cycles, it’s likely time to move to the cloud.

2. You have a mobile team or several geographically dispersed offices.

Cloud phone systems are the logical choice for highly mobile workforces. Managing the IT resources for several locations, particularly if they’re fairly small offices, is woefully inefficient. What’s more, your team loses access to basic telephone services the minute they leave the office.

3. Your business ecosystem is evolving.

Today’s business world is ever-changing – global dynamics and new technology players are impacting pretty much every industry. Business owners need to stay ahead of these changes by using the best tools available. Traditional telephone systems are – in most cases – no the most effective communication tool.

4. Your IT is already in the cloud.

Most companies are already using some form of cloud computing. Cloud services for data storage, email, enterprise resource planning, and customer relationship management are pretty much ubiquitous. So why not telephones?

5. You’re looking for a new way to revamp office communications

A cloud phone system offers more than just voice capability. It’s the complete solution for improving employee collaboration and mobilizing your office.

OneNet USA representatives can help you decide what solutions are best for your company.  Get more clarification on why moving your phone systems to the cloud is a good idea from OneNet USA partner Bullseye Telecom.