SD-WAN technology has unlimited potential to transform an organizations network connectivity by making you more agile, flexible, and is a more cost-effective solution.

In this era of globalization, businesses need network connectivity that deploys quickly, doesn’t place a burden on IT, and can be scaled easily. This is particularly true for businesses that adopt hybrid cloud models, in which mission-critical applications are hosted in private cloud data centers, while the rest are migrated to public cloud platforms.

Why is a good idea for you to start exploring a SD-WAN Solution

Businesses that used to rely on expensive MPLS solutions to achieve acceptable application performance, now use hybrid WANs to shift low-priority traffic to cheap Internet links, and continue with scaled-down MPLS for mission-critical traffic.

Businesses need a solution that uses SD-WAN principles across the entire WAN, end-to-end, not just at the edge. The primary goal should be to ease network complexity, and thus free IT departments to work on more strategic projects.

In addition, OneNet USA’s end-to-end network solution is delivered as a fully-managed service, it enables organizations to invest in an SD-WAN with no CapEx, lower OpEx, and the flexibility to pay as you go, and scale.

Check out the link below to get an in-depth view of OneNet’s fully managed Cisco IWAN solution.

OneNET SD-WAN; Cisco IWAN Addendum